25 May 2006

Optimism, bad concerts, golf, swimming and the perfect curio cabinet

Less than 2 months left until Daniel and I move into our new home. After years of saving and planning, everything is finally coming into fruition. Despite all the shopping and running around, the enormity of what we’re about to do is only starting to hit me now. Oddly enough, I’m not apprehensive at all; I’m just excited to move forward, get settled into the house and be married. This is quite the affirmation for a girl who always swore that she never wanted to settle down. I always imagined myself as the stereotypical “ball busting” businesswoman, traveling the world, married to her career and climbing the corporate ladder to success. Looking back, it sounds like a pretty lonely existence. I wouldn’t trade what I have now for anything in the world…good education, decent job, wonderful hubby-to-be, and great relations with family and friends. Now if only I could decide on the whole “children” issue. I suppose I should try and have my first kid by the age of 30, but that whole department still frightens me. Maybe I’ll just hold out until guys can get pregnant….yes….that’s a better idea!

Anyways, enough philosophical / uncharacteristic mushiness from me and on to more amusing things! Dan and I are going to see a concert tomorrow night with my parents. I shudder to admit who it is, but it should be good for a laugh. We’re going to see Daniel O’Donnell. For those of you unfamiliar with good oul’ Daniel, let’s just say that he’s the Golden Boy of Public Broadcasting in the US. A decent singer, but not really my cup of tea. I think you have to be over the age of 50 to truly appreciate him. Poor Dan doesn’t know what he’s in for. A fan of the Beastie Boys and other such music, it will probably be sheer agony for him. He got free seats in the swanky corporate box from his company, so it would have been rude for us to turn the tickets down. We’re poor and beggars can’t afford to be choosers. Free entertainment is hard to come by these days… If we get really desperate, we’ll drink ourselves happy on the pitiful $7 ½ pint beer that Scotiabank Place laughingly sells.

Nothing else that is overly exciting to report. I have my last golf lesson tonight. I tried swinging my driver and some woods on Tuesday, but that was disastrous. Hopefully I’ll learn how to follow through a little better tonight. I’m getting tired of banging the club against the pad; it always manages to make a large thudding noise that scares the hell out of me. Like I said earlier, Tiger Woods can keep his record…no competition here.

Saturday should be a “fun” day – NOT! This is most-likely the day that my family will open the swimming pool. Typically it is an arduous task that usually involves lots of yelling and frayed nerves. Great times all around!

Tonight, Dan and I are going to continue our great search for the perfect dining set for the house….

How’s that for total randomness….?

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