02 April 2006

Need a break from the weekend

So much for for my idea of blogging daily. This turned out to be a busy weekend - a common occurence since my hubby-to-be and I became engaged. I feel as though we are always playing catchup on Saturdays and Sundays, running a million errands while trying to make time for eveyone. These days I've pretty much given up on sleeping in...

All that aside, it was an enjoyable weekend. On Friday we joined another couple for dinner, drinks and a movie. My friend adores animated movies, so we went to see Ice Age II . It was pretty cute and good for a few laughs...even the guys admitted that they had a good time. The rest of the evening was spent drinking coffee at a Tim Horton's in a pretty shady neighborhood. It's amazing what some people will put up with just to get their daily dose of Timmy's!

On Saturday, my mother, FH and I went to our local bakery to select a wedding cake. I was tremendously pleased with the service and samples!!! As with everything else with this wedding, I walked in with a very specific idea in my head and walked out with the complete opposite of what I originally intended. So now, rather than a traditional vanilla cake, I have a funky, three-tier cake with chocolate and ganache filling. The future-hubby is a chocoholic, so he's pretty excited...okay, I guess I am too :)

On Saturday evening we went to a friend's house, who was hosting a "gaming/LAN" party for his birthday. I won't get into specifics, but lets just say that "gaming/LAN" parties are pretty much the epitome of Geekdom! No...I did not participate. I simply went along to rescue one of my girlfriends (fiancée of the birthday boy). All in all it was a pretty good time. We drank wine, had some great girl chat, watched home decortating shows on TLC and laughed at the boys who sat transfixed, for hours, in front of their computer monitors. Yes, my fiancé is a pretty big geek. I don't always comprehend him, but I wouldn't have it any other way. For anyone who has ever dated a geek, you'll know what I'm talking about... we have it pretty good.

Sunday was spent shopping with my mother. This is a very rare and arduous task because she is an amputee and hates walking the mall. After a day of shopping, I have come to the conclusion that clothing designers do not consider the disabled at all, nor do the cater to fuller-figured women. I mean seriously...just because your large doesn't mean that you want to wear floral print or big tacky patterns. Maybe there are a few Plus-Size stores that are decent, but the majority seem to be stuck in another era...very frustrating for those who want to look their age, rather than 90...or like Bozo the clown.

End of rant....

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