19 April 2006

Extra crispy, with a side of Owwww!

Day two of the burn saga and things are still pretty terrible. Some of the redness and pain has reduced on my legs and neck, however the strip on my back continues to hurt like hell. This morning I had to swallow my pride and ask my mother to help dress me.

I’m one of those “so-called” lucky people who can’t get by without a bra. Big problem though, I can’t wear one on top of the burn…sheer agony! Once again, my craftiness came in handy and I managed to rig a pretty ghetto solution. I doused a paper towel with Solarcaine, smoothed it out over the burnt strip on my back, and got mom to put my bra on over it. Moms are wonderful in these strange situations – it’s part of the special mother-daughter bond. So far everything seems to work. The bra is holding the paper towel in place and the cream is seeping into my skin. Feels good for the time being, but we’ll see what happens when the paper dries out. I haven’t thought that far ahead….

For your amusement, I am including a picture from yesterday. By noon my neck was so warm that I was getting desperate for any sort of relief. I managed to find an unused J-Cloth in the kitchenette – perfect! I soaked the cloth in water, stuck it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and wrapped it around my neck. I looked like an idiot but at least it felt good. These are the definite perks of having your own office with a solid door. I locked myself away for the afternoon, and my co-workers were completely oblivious.

Speaking of work, back to it! Can’t wait to slather myself in more Solarcaine at lunch!

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