18 April 2006

I'm a redneck...literally...

Vanity will be the end of me some day if I don’t smarten up. For the longest time, I’ve hated my pale and pasty skin. I practically have no pigment and it drives me mad.

In an attempt to prep myself for the summer, and a plethora of weddings, I decided to use a tanning machine in order to get a light base. I figured that if I had a bit of a tan, I might be able to avoid awkward tan lines later on. Man was I wrong! I now have nasty red burn lines and blotches all over my body.

I have used tanning beds in the past, before heading to Cuba. While I may have turned slightly pink at first, it worked well for the most part. Seeing as I’m fair-skinned and a redhead, I’m usually pretty vigilant about the sun. Yesterday I went into the machine for only 10 minutes with a bit of sunscreen on and I still look like a lobster. Needless to say, I was pretty angry at the salon for not warning me about their machines which typically aren’t strong.

Here’s the worst part, all the whining in the world won’t change things, there’s only myself to blame. I paid $6 to sit here in extreme pain and put myself at risk for skin cancer. Not smart!

A word to the wise, from the dumb, “Don’t tan!” Looking in the mirror I can safely say that my natural pale skin looks much better than red blotches and blisters.

Having a burn like this is pretty hard to hide. It’s kind of like wearing the “scarlet letter”; everyone looks at you and shakes their head at your foolishness.

Go ahead, give those heads of your a good shake. I would too, but my neck is too sore!

My left leg in all it's glory. Looks like I may have to skip Irish dance tomorrow. More punishment for my stupidity.

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