01 February 2012

5 simple ways to mess up your tween daughter...

Allow her to get a perm when she is already going through an awkward stage of life

Dress her in red when she has red hair…polka dots are an added bonus.

Add plenty of volumizing mouse to her hair to ensure that perfect triangle shape

Make sure her glasses cover “at least” half of her face

Allow her to carry stuffed fireman puppy companions

I’d love to tell you all that I don’t know who this kid is but the sad truth is

...drum roll...

It’s ME circa 1992

I would like to thank my father for bringing back horrid and painful memories of my youth, especially on Facebook for all to enjoy. Lovely Dad...just lovely….

On the plus side, I did eventually grow into my looks and grew the perm out. Oddly enough, as an adult I accidentally discovered that my hair is naturally curly. Looks like I could have saved my parents a good $100 on the bad perm. Actually, I’m glad they paid so much for my coiffe; I consider it payment for the other fashion atrocities they made me endure ; )

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