23 December 2010

It's ALIVE!!!!!

Worst. Blogger. Ever. I try to post, honestly I do.

I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to sit down to bang out a stellar update, only to walk away in utter frustration. I want to write and yet I seem incapable of even completing a single thought. In short, I’ve been too damn frazzled to blog these days.

The transition from stay-at-home to career Mom has been nothing short of exhausting. With the new job came an increased workload and a considerable deal of stress. I looked in the mirror this week and could deny the effects no longer, my hair is going grey! I’m not sure that I would ever recommend starting a new career direction directly upon return from maternity leave; it was a shock to the system. Only now, two months later, I am finally starting to feel as though I am swimming more than sinking. Tomorrow marks my first day of Christmas vacation, a blissful 11-day hiatus from craziness, and I am eagerly counting down the minutes;

Work fun aside, life has been good. Drew is such a happy little fellow. He is still sleeping like a champ and, horrific inherited temper aside, he’s a very loving and funny little boy. He started walking/ running in November and hasn’t looked back since. While the sudden change in mobility did bring about a certain degree of unwariness (for huuby and I), and a good deal of bumps and bruises (for Andrew), we enjoy chasing Drew around the house. We are entering that stage where family outings become a little more interesting and hands-on.; the world is a much friendlier place when you’re upright! Everywhere we go, Drew wants to happily stumble around like a little drunkard, basking in glow of appreciation and pride in his newfound talent. The only problem – he NEVER sits...NEVER.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks. Rather than attempting to recap the past two months, I’ll simply leave you with a few gratuitous “Mommy pride” photos. I regret that I did not do a big post-mortem on Halloween but I fear that I am still recovering from all the work we put into the house this year – truly the talk of the neighbourhood. Christmas, while slightly less obscene, also renders a good deal of decorating around the house. Here’s hoping Andrew grows into a holiday lover!

Family photo shoot, 2 days shy of Drew's 1st B-Day

My little man at his 1st Birthday party

Puzzled Dragon on Halloween - he went to 5 houses

Animated talking heads in the window

Busted! Came home to Mimi feeding him chocolate.

Meeting Santa for the 1st time - he was awesome.

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