10 October 2009

Week one – done

I’m proud to say that I survived my first week of leave without going completely batty. It’s nice to sit here on a Saturday morning, sipping my java in a spotless home. Typically hubby and I spend a good chunk of our weekends running errands and cleaning the house but I decided to treat him by going at the entire place yesterday. I think another spurt of “nesting” energy must have hit me…I still have the swollen ankle to prove it.

Plans for the weekend involve resting, relaxing and eating the annual Thanksgiving Gobbler. I decided to throw down the pregnancy card this year by relinquished the reigns of hostessing to my Mother. It actually pains me not to be serving the big family spread; it’s exhausting but I love entertaining and feel a little sad knowing that out little home has already seen its last Thanksgiving. On the plus side, I did volunteer to do the cranberry sauce and dessert baking; I still get to enjoy my time in the kitchen, without the monumental cleanup.

Speaking of baking, hubby and I have consumed so much sugar in the past 24 hours that I’m surprised were not in a coma. On top of cleaning the house yesterday, I baked two batches of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, followed by a YUMMY chocolate pumpkin loaf! One of my old high school girlfriends is back in town this weekend for her birthday and the holidays, so I had her and a few folks over for dessert last night. Per usual, I went a little too far and now have a truckload of leftovers – not that hubby seems to mind.

I’m really hoping that “Bean” decides to wait until Tuesday to make his appearance. I’m looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with family and then I think I’ll be more than ready to get the show on the road. Hubby and I have box seats to tonight’s Sen’s hockey game and I’m crossing my fingers that my water doesn’t break in front of his colleagues.

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