09 December 2008

Three days until Botox

Okay…so it’s not really as glamorous as Botox, but my lips will still be huge and pouty.

In three days, I’ll be heading to the hospital to have a mucocele removed from my lower lip. I have been living with this nasty little bugger for three months now and it has become an ever annoying presence. Eating my daily apple (to keep the Doctor away…oh the irony!), has become a dreaded task because I keep biting my damn cyst and making my lip bleed. Enough is enough, out it comes!

Despite the fact that I’m looking forward to getting rid of the lump, I’m starting to freak out over the procedure. In the grand scheme of things, a mucocele removal is not a big deal; its day surgery and I don’t even have to go under. What I do dread, however, is the freezing itself and being awake to experience it all. Given my pathetic track record these days, one look at the needle or scalpel and I’ll probably pass out. To make matters worse, I keep image surfing photos of the procedure…nasty! Time to put of my “big girl” hat and deal with it, I guess.

The one thing that sucks about having my surgery at this time of year is that I won’t get to enjoy all the usual Christmas goodies floating around the office. Hubby’s boss is hosting a potluck at his home on the day after my surgery; I’ll be stuck at home drinking shakes and slurping damn baby food – not fair! I’ll also be limited to soup at my own office holiday lunch next week. On the plus side, maybe this will prevent me from gaining that dreaded ‘winter cushioning’…although I’m not entirely sure that chocolate shakes constitute healthy eating.

Merry Christmas to me...NOT

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