26 September 2008

Home sweet home

It’s good to be back. I arrived home yesterday evening and was greeted at the airport by a very happy hubby and a big warm hug.

The remainder of my stay in Saskatoon was fairly uneventful. I ended up going to the play at Persephone Theatre on my last evening. While I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the acting, I am still undecided as to whether I enjoyed the play or not. I can honestly say that Samuel Beckett must have been smoking some pretty strong stuff when he wrote Waiting for Godot. I suppose one would call it a tragic comedy or a parody on the futility of life; I think it’s just plain nuts and perhaps a little to cerebral to fully appreciate after a three day scientific conference. I was also somewhat thrown off by the smells of incontinence (no really, I’m serious), as I apparently landed myself right in the middle of the Saskatoon Senior Citizens’ night out. Without exaggeration, I believe I was the only one in the crowd without white hair. They were a nice lot but I think they were equally confused by the play and I found myself having to explain, several times, which characters were which to my elderly seatmates. It was an odd night out but I will always remember it…

Yesterday, I spent my final morning at the hotel gym and then taking one last wander around downtown Saskatoon. I grabbed my ritual latté and made my way to the river to enjoy the cool air and soak in the beauty of the season before subjecting myself to the claustrophobic plane ride home. While you always hear people slagging off the Prairies, I can honestly say that I enjoyed Saskatoon. In particular, I will miss the berries! Much to my scale’s chagrin, I tried to consume as many sugar-laden Saskatoon berry treats as possible over my five-day stay. Not only did I return home with a significantly heavier suitcase filled with jam, I also managed to return with the lovely parting gift of a few extra lbs. squeezed into my already tight pants…darn…

It feels good to be home and to get back into the swing of things. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning and gulp down some extra caffeine. The downside to spending a week away from the office is that I will now be playing ‘catch up’ for days. I spent a solid 30 minutes just reading messages and cleaning out my inbox…75% of it consisting of absolute rubbish.

My plans for the weekend = a funeral, a birthday party and house cleaning. On second thought, maybe I should have stayed in Saskatoon!

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