18 August 2008

Tales of the blogging "husband"...?

After months of my nagging and insisting that he is interesting enough to warrant a blog, my hubby has finally taken the plunge and started writing his own ramblings. I am pleased to shamelessly plug his new endeavour and encourage everyone to check out Thank God, It’s F3rret! I will not even attempt to understand or explain where the name comes from; I leave the particular story to him.

I’m not entirely sure what the main premise of the blog will be but I imagine that a good deal of the content will revolve around computers, IT frustrations and evil ploys to get his uptight wife to play video games with him…or so it seems from post #1. At any rate, it should be good for a laugh. Of course, I consider my husband to be quite funny; one needs a sense of humour to tolerate living with me.

I addition to reading hubby’s blog, I also encourage you to plague him with comments and requests to give his wife complete creative control over his layout design. In particular, you should demand that he adopt the stunning visuals and ferret graphics that said wife has so lovingly prepared for him.

Go now!

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