27 August 2008

Jump, jive an’ wail no more

Tonight is the last night of Swing I. While I’ve enjoyed the lessons, I don’t think hubs or I will commit to another session in the fall. We have already registered for volleyball for the next three months, so I think we will gracefully leave the dance floor for a while….while I still have some toes left.

The wonderful thing about living in Ottawa is that I don’t need to commit to costly lessons to learn the basics. Oddly enough, this city has quite the large underground swing scene (of the non-sexual variety…although I’m sure we have that too). Every Tuesday evening, free lessons are offered at the New Edinburgh Boathouse. On Fridays and Saturdays, two more dances are held at Dance Studios in the Byward Market. It’s nice to know that there are options available and that hubby and I can hit the tiles whenever we want without paying an arm and a leg (we need those for dancing after all). I also think it would be a fun night out to organize with a group of friends, although most of my guy pals are of the “I’d rather die than dance,” school of thought. ..nothing that a few beers wouldn’t fix, I’m sure.

Seeing as tonight is our last lesson, I’m hoping that the instructors will actually allow us to dance with our intended partners. I barely ever get to dance with hubby. I think that part of the reason why I’m not heartbroken about leaving, is the fact that I won’t have random guys kicking me in the shins and attempting to pull my arms out of their sockets anymore. I will, however, miss some of the better partners - guys that have finally taught me how to follow, trust and enjoy the unexpected.

While I enjoy swing and hope to try more lessons at some of the local dances, I think my first love is still latin dancing. With a bit of luck and a truckload of convincing, perhaps hubby will humour me with lessons next year. Either he signs up, or I’ll have to find myself some suave, muscular, tanned, Cuban God named Alejandro to teach me how to move my "heeps"…sigh, what’s a girl to do?

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