12 August 2008

Happy belated 150th post…to me!

Okay, so I'm a few days off. This is actually post #152 but I missed out on celebrating my big day two posts ago. Indulge my frivolity, won’t you?

In celebration of my big and vastly-dorky blogging milestone, I am going to shamelessly steal an idea that I once saw on another blog. I now present you with 150 utterly useless facts about myself:

1. I am a redhead
2. I have naturally wavy hair but didn’t know it for years
3. I used to hate my freckles as a child; now I love them.
4. I have two guinea pigs – Clancy and Gus
5. I have no first cousins
6. I detest my first name
7. I miss my maiden surname
8. Mom wanted me to have a French name
9. Dad ‘won’ the name battle
10. I have one brother
11. I met my hubby in high school
12. I thought he was strange
13. I’m strange and realized it was a perfect match
14. I can roll my tongue
15. I can’t wiggle my ears
16. I am very good at picking up accents
17. I’m also a language geek
18. I sometime read cheesy romance novels
19. I am ashamed of the above
20. I am obsessed with travel
21. I want to win the lottery
22. I don’t have much faith in the above
23. I’ve never liked the number 23
24. I will always bake two-dozen cookies…never less
25. I wanted to be a politician before University
26. After meeting other ‘aspiring’ politicians, I quickly changed my mind
27. I adore public speaking
28. I love to sing
29. I car dance…big time!
30. Hubby joins me in said car dancing
31. I hate taking the bus to work
32. I’m still working on my license (my one big hurdle in life it seems)
33. I’m an extrovert
34. I love to entertain
35. Cheesy theme parties are my specialty
36. I adore trying new recipes
37. My family is often used as guinea pigs for said recipes
38. I love to drink wine
39. I want to become a sommelier
40. I have wine blog but need to update it
41. My parents don’t get my wine obsession
42. Hubby does
43. We are going to wine tour in Tuscany in 2009!
44. I lived in Italy one summer as part of an exchange
45. I took two years of Italian lessons
46. I am studying Italian on my own again
47. I love Italian food
48. And opera
49. Italians seem to love my red hair
50. I love my red hair
51. Mosquitoes love me
52. I hate mosquitoes
53. I love camping
54. I’m a bit of a pyromaniac
55. I love the sun
56. The sun doesn’t love me
57. I could eat guacamole until I burst
58. I could eat fresh salsa until I burst
59. I could drink pina coladas until I burst
60. I miss Mexico
61. I have always wanted to wear a bikini
62. I now own two skimpy bikinis
63. I enjoy wearing said bikinis
64. My father does not like said bikinis
65. My husband does
66. I have a strange sense of humor
67. I have an infectious personality
68. I’m fairly intelligent
69. I’m sarcastic
70. I flirt with wit rather than looks
71. I’m confident
72. I also have my ‘off’ days
73. I love to chat
74. I also love to listen
75. I sing in the shower
76. I play recreational beach volleyball
77. I love to exercise
78. I own an elliptical
79. I one day hope to run a marathon
80. I’m obsessed with dance
81. I took four years of Irish dancing, as an adult
82. I’m currently taking Swing dance lessons with hubby
83. I feel very short when dancing with partners
84. I “am” short – only 5’2”
85. I’m muscular
86. I lift weights
87. I hate doing lunges
88. I prefer to exercise at home, rather than the gym
89. I respect/admire athletes
90. I’m obsessed with the Olympics
91. I want to learn to ski
92. I used to figure skate
93. I was in Girl Guides for 12 years
94. I was a Brownie leader
95. Kids used to call me “Snowy Owl”
96. Those kids are now taller than me and some have their own kids
97. I don’t like getting older
98. I use wrinkle diminishing cream
99. I hate my forehead creases
100. Forehead wrinkles are an inevitable family trait
101. I love my family
102. My mother are I best buddies
103. I share my father’s odd sense of humour
104. My brother and I have our own language
105. I spent many summers in the Maritimes
106. I want to retire in the Maritimes
107. I love road trips
108. I want to own a B&B
109. I also want to own a pub
110. I have an entrepreneurial spirit
111. I hate sewing
112. I often pay to get my pants hemmed
113. I can sew well
114. I hate ironing
115. I hate wrinkly clothes even more
116. I love to take baths
117. I love to read in the bath
118. I cannot tolerate dirty bathrooms
119. I am a clean freak
120. I am sometimes too anal about my home
121. I love to garden
122. I want a minimum half acre of land with my next home
123. I want a Victorian Home
124. I love to decorate
125. Halloween is my favourite holiday
126. I love the Fall
127. I enjoy buying potted mums in September
128. I like cooking holiday family dinners
129. I go ‘all out” at Christmas
130. I love to write
131. I one day want to write a novel
132. I adore reading travel diaries or literary travel
133. I like WWII-era books
134. I sometimes watch the History Channel
135. I LOVE the Fine Living Channel
136. I try to watch the national news everyday
137. I need to read the paper more
138. I sometimes work with the media
139. I had a small cooking segment on T.V. last year
140. I do voluntary work for the Irish Society
141. I am both Irish and French
142. I am Canadian first and foremost
143. I want to volunteer at a local museum one day
144. I often take on too many projects
145. I need to say “No” more
146. I like a challenge
147. I thrive off stress
148. I can’t sit still
149. I think I have minor OCD
150. I love life and wouldn’t change a thing

1 comment:

NWO said...

Well, we have some things in common. For example, I like redheads (and I'm not even Italian).

Just finished a great book from WWII: City of Thieves.

Glad I found your blog!