26 March 2008

Another wrinkle earned...

Bring on the wrinkle cream and anti-aging serum, I’ve reluctantly turned another year older!

This past weekend, I celebrated (if you can call it that) my 27th birthday. Why is it that 27 seems so much older than 26? Perhaps it has something to do with the realization that I really have entered my late twenties and the climb towards 30 is drawing nearer. I’m certainly not old in the grand scheme of things, but it is becoming painfully obvious that I’m not getting any younger either. While I joke about the wrinkle cream, I actually do find myself relying on it this year as I’ve already been blessed with the infamous “Bisson forehead wrinkles,” a lovely gift from my mother’s side of the family - heredity at it best! Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy looking like a Sharpei every time they raise their eyebrows…or make any facial expression for that matter?!?

Despite my grumbling and aversion to aging, I really did have a lovely weekend with family and friends. I lucked out this year because my birthday fell on the Easter long weekend so I had extra days off to celebrate.

On Saturday, my mother took me to see La Traviata at the NAC. I have always enjoyed listening to Opera but this was my first time attending a full production. I had such high hopes but it turns out that I much prefer listening to the “classic” arias at home. I guess that three hours of someone whining about ill-fated love and TB just wasn’t my cup of tea…longest death EVER! I thought mom was going to stand up and yell “Halleluiah” when Violetta finally kicked the bucket. To her credit, she did have a lovely voice and I enjoyed her singing, but the overall mood was killed by a lackluster performance from the male lead; he just wasn’t credible and his voice sounded weak. I’m still glad I went, but I’m not sure that I will race out to buy tickets to another production in the future. On the plus side, I can say that I’ll gladly return to “Le Café” restaurant at the NAC. Mom took me out for a pre-performance dinner and I had what was easily the most succulent piece of beef tenderloin ever to grace this earth….trust me, I typically don’t praise beef! I’m still not sure how I managed to do it, I ate more meat in one evening than I typically consume in an entire week or two – high praise indeed!

The birthday festivities and gargantuan heaps of food continued on Sunday with a dinner at my parents house and then on Sunday, with another B-day dinner hosted by my father-in-law. I also managed to sneak in a huge breakfast at Coras with my friend and her hubby who were visiting family for Easter and for her baby shower (more eating was done there too!). All in all, a very filling and gratifying weekend in more ways than one. Ironically, I received a heap of gift certificates for my B-Day because all of my clothes are too baggy on me right now and I need to replace my entire wardrobe with smaller sizes. After eating that much, maybe I’ll end up needing to hold onto some of those ‘chubby’ pants after all - LOL

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