18 December 2007

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Only one week to go until the jolly fat man lands on my roof. Not sure how he and the reindeer are going to cope with all that snow buildup; something tells me they’ll manage in the end.

Not too much to report today. Ottawa is back in business and kudos to the cleanup crew who worked round the clock to make the roads safer. I must admit though, I do miss working in my pajamas!

Today I am leaving you with some holiday snaps taken over the weekend. With all that snow, I had to find some way to occupy my time…aside from the hours of cooking of course.

Enjoy and be sure to finish your shopping!

Domain of the messy cook

My homemade sugar cookie dough

Hope Santa remembers me

My festive table

Cozy and inviting

Oh Christmas tree

Our "love smores"

Counting down the days

Away in a manger

Hot head Santas from Guatemala


Ready for the oven

In all its shining glory

All aglow

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