16 December 2007

Let it snow…and snow…and snow…

After last year’s mild winter and green Christmas, I found myself hoping and wishing for snow this season. I had more of a “light dusting,” in mind, but it seems as though Mother Nature decided to make me eat my words with what can only be referred to as a “major dump”.

It has been years since I’ve seen snow banks this high. It brings me back to my childhood days when we would visit my Grammy in New Brunswick. It was a beautiful winter wonderland for us as children but now, as an adult, I find myself grumbling a good deal more. No messing about while Mom and Dad would break their back shoveling, now hubby and I are the official cleanup crew.

With 60cm of snow in a 24 hour period, it would be insanity to leave the home unless absolutely necessary. As it stands, there is a 3-foot wall of snow blocking our front and back door. Quite wisely, we have battened down the hatches and are hibernating for the day. In a sense, it’s kind of nice not being able to rush around and run our usual million weekend errands. Instead I am still in my jammies, sipping tea and accomplishing a good deal of Christmas baking and cooking. In the past 48 hours, hubby and I have managed to make four batches of sugar cookies, two homemade tortières and a crockpot full of fragrant chicken paella. You should smell it in here!

It has been a good weekend…busy yet uncomplicated. In closing, I am posting various photos from today's adventures in snow removal. As you can see, I eventually abandoned all hope and decided to revert back to my childhood. I jumped in the snowbanks, making an utter fool of myself, while hubby looked on and shook his head. I'm positive that the neighbours must think that I'm an absolute nutcase...maybe they're not far from the truth....

Yikes...this is what I woke up to this morning:

View from the back of our house:

Not a bad view (when you're toasty warm inside)

Diggin my way out...there is a porch under there...

Attempting to climb Mount Tomka

Bad idea...very bad idea...

Making progress. I look like I'm about 6 years old here.

Victory is mine!

Enjoying the view from the summit

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