22 December 2006

A good year

The shopping is done and I’m officially on holidays for the next 10 days. Current mood = ecstatic!

Looking back, it is hard to comprehend all that has happened over the past 12 months. This time last year, Daniel and I would faithfully visit the construction site of our would-be home. It’s hard to believe that last Christmas all we had was a hole in the ground; now we have a wonderful house that is truly starting to feel like home.

As 2006 draws to a close, I can’t help but feel a little emotional. It was an exhausting year but it was also a wonderful time that I will always look back on with many fond memories: the excitement building up to the move; the tiring job of setting up the house; watching countless buddies tie-the-knot, getting married to my best friend of seven years; getting to know my parents as a woman and starting an exciting new chapter of life.

In short, this year has made me realize how lucky I am. I’m truly happy! I feel as though I’ve reached some sort of invisible goal or desire that I never knew existed. For once, everything feels right in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling.

As Daniel and I celebrate Christmas this year, we will both breath a sigh of relief. We’ve come a long way! I have no doubt that 2007 will bring a whole new round of adventures for us, but I’m confident that it will be a great year…albeit a little more relaxing…thank God!

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