31 March 2006

Be afraid...be very afraid...


After much deliberation I have finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and start this whole blogging thing. As a writer, I always swore myself a traditionalist. However, my devotion to pen and paper has quickly dwindled over the past year. My old diaries are starting to accumulate dust, so hopefully this medium will work out better for me. Let’s face it, computers are so much more convenient.

What can you expect from these blogs?!? Mostly just the inane ramblings of a young woman trying to bring sanity back to her chaotic life. At any rate, this will give me the opportunity to vent and share my feelings without driving my poor (and very patient) fiancé nuts. Who knows, this may even get the old creative juices flowing again.

Speaking of creativity…back to work for me.
Hmmmm…how does one make “polymer nanocomposites” sound fun…..

More on me later....

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