01 January 2014

New year, new start

To say that my blogging abilities went downhill in 2013 is an understatement. I believe that my last post was a thrilling number written some twelve months ago about sitting in chocolate on my seat at work and the ensuing embarrassment…riveting stuff. Seems that’s all the effort I could muster in a whole year. WEAK.

I could blame it on being busy, on being a working mom or having other priorities but, truth be told, I just lost my writing mojo. And in a very sad way, I started to see myself as a bit dull. Who would possibly want to read about a 30-something year old working Mom that lives her life down to the detailed second? And therein lies the problem, I forgot how to take the time to have a personality or, better yet, to check in with myself from time to time to see how things were going. I forgot that writing doesn’t always have to be satirical on entertaining, sometimes it is just plain old therapeutic.

To say that 2013 was easy would be a lie. I lost two much-wanted pregnancies, my mother had a horrible fall which still has her laid up seven months later, and hubby suddenly lost his job after almost eight long years of happy and gainful employment. Work was also increasingly stressful for me, at times making me seriously consider whether I would need to take a break from it all. At times it was difficult not to wallow in the “bad” of 2013. But there is the good that helps counterbalance things.

So instead, let’s focus on the positives of a whirlwind year. I had a beautiful family vacation on Lake Erie, I won a job competition at work, Andrew started school and loves it, hubby found an ever better job only six weeks after losing his job and I am now 18 weeks pregnant. And, while work stress continues to be at all all-time high, I am just thankful to be employed. In many ways, 2013 helped to solidify what things in my life really matter, and what items are simply "extras".

As a new year begins, I’m not going to reveal a master plan of detailed resolutions. Instead I will only say one thing – this year I will take time for myself, whatever form that may take.

Wishing all my readers, if indeed there are still any out there, a healthy, happy and wonderful New Year.

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Kat said...

*Whispers* I'm still here...

I'm glad you're back- I hope that 2014 is easier on you than 2013 was! :-)