24 January 2012

Toilet Talkers

Life is all about the simple little pleasures. Typically we take these things for granted, never fully appreciating them until they are compromised.

Do you know what simple little thing makes me happy? Getting to do my “business” in peace and solitude…

Perhaps my yearning for solo toilet time stems from the fact that, since becoming a mother, my bathroom breaks are frequently interrupted by a curious toddler. At home we have adopted a fairly laissez- faire, open-door policy. Because we are potty training, I encourage our little guy to take an interest in general bathroom mechanics. Usually though, he just tries to flush the toilet or steal the toilet paper…we all have to start somewhere.

With the situation at home, it’s not surprising that I aspire to have a little peace and quiet on the workplace throne. Unfortunately, however, there is little to be done about the dreaded “toilet talkers.” I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about; perhaps you have even been one yourself? The toilet talker is usually an uber-friendly person that tries to carry on an amicable chat in the next stall. Usually they have best intentions, trying to break the awkward silence with a little banter. It’s almost as if the toilet talker is afraid of bathroom sounds, like they are trying to disguise that fact that “bathroomy” things are going on around them. I’m not sure what is more awkward, cutting one loose in the silence or interrupting a friendly conversation with a tell-tale noise. Personally, I like to put on my blinders when I enter the bathroom. My modus operandi is - get in, get empty, get out.

If you insist of being a bathroom “buddy”, try these tips for success:

- give a quick “hi” or head nod before a person enters their stall
- save the banter for hand-washing time
- don’t continue long chats in the bathroom (awkward for other stall users)
- finish your chat in the hall

So what is your opinion of toilet talkers? Are you guilty as charged or are others just as anal (pun totally intended) as I am?

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