26 January 2012

New eyes

Oh how I wish the title of today’s post was true.
Instead, I’ll have to settle with a new pair of glasses.

I have been wearing glasses since the tender age of one, when I was diagnosed with “very messed up eyes” (which I’m sure was the exact terminology used by the doctor). My eyes were crossed quite badly and needed surgery to get them pointed in the right direction. While I’ll admit that they did a pretty great job, I was left with a fairly ludicrous prescription. Not surprisingly, I have amassed quite a nice collection of coke-bottle glasses over the years. Tack on the 80s fashion, carroty hair and a bad perm that lasted for three years (no joke) and you have yourself a veritable target for the popular kids in school. Oh well – there are certainly worse fates to endure! I could have been blind so I consider myself fortunate.

Thankfully a bit of wisdom came with age. I used to hate wearing glasses as a child. Now I have come to like them on me; they’re just another fashion accessory even though my prescription still limits me from most of the trendier styles. The only painful part is the price. I have major appreciation for my Mom and Dad who shelled out major bucks over the years to ensure that I had thinnest lenses possible. Now that I pay for my own glasses, I have found out just how pricey they can be. No discounts or cute little two for one deals for me, a simple pair can easily set me back $600. Not surprisingly, I have to be very comfortable with what I choose. I tend to avoid trends because I know I’ll be stuck with my glasses every stinking day for about four years or so.

As if the stress of choosing the “right” pair of glasses wasn’t difficult enough, guess who stupidly decided that it might be a fun activity to share with her toddler? Bloody hell – what was I thinking?!? Of course he was going to throw a tantrum and want to try on the hundreds of shiny glasses within his reach. Thank God for hubby and the fact that there was a pet store close by. I was in the store for well over an hour due to computer issues and not enough sales people. Had I known that were going to be so many issues, I would have gone by myself. I think poor hubby counted every damn fish in that pet store twice over. Did I ever mention that I love him?

Thankfully I did walk away victorious last evening, albeit poor. My new eyes should arrive in a week or so. I’m also happy to report that hubby and I are still on speaking terms.

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