03 October 2011

I get my little girl!

Okay…well perhaps the title is a bit misleading.
NO – I am not pregnant in any way, shape or form!

I am referring to the birth of my new little goddaughter.

Today my best friend, since the second grade, gave birth to her first child. After a looooong labour, little miss Evie graced us all with her beautiful presence. Of course, I was anxious to get to the hospital to get some snuggle time in! Neither hubby nor I ever suspected that we were going to be godparents, we were asked once we got to hold her in our arms. Of course, I broke out into happy tears and said yes – what an honour!

So now I am doubly blessed. I have my own little boy at home and a goddaughter that I get to spoil with all manner of ridiculously girly and frilly things. Bring on the pink and glitter ; )

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