19 October 2011

Drew turns two!

Where on earth did the time go? I am having a hard time believing that (a) my little boy isn’t a baby anymore, and (b) that I am actually the mother of a two-year old. Baby bottles have been replaced by cups and straws, the crib is gone and snuggling with his parents seems more like a chore than a favourite pastime now...sigh.

Despite the onset of the “terrible twos” and the attitude that comes along with it, I really do enjoy motherhood. We have moved from simply taking care of his basic needs (surviving) to now actually having to parent. While discipline isn’t enjoyable, I really enjoy being able to communicate with Drew and seeing the wheels turning in his head. He is a curious, busy and clever little boy – only silent or still when he’s sleeping. He’s a handful but he’s fun.

To mark Drew’s special day, we went out shopping at the mall to pick out a few goodies for his party this weekend. We took a little snack break at the coffee shop, rode the carousel and had fun testing out almost every bench in the mall (he did...I watched). While I didn’t intend to take the day off from work, my daycare provider ended up having to close for the day to go to a medical appointment. Looks like the starts aligned in the end; I’m glad I got to some quality time with Drew on his birthday.

Tonight we are heading out to Boston Pizza for Drew’s favourite treat. Mom and Dad and meeting up with us and then it’s back to our place for some cupcakes and a few presents. The larger family celebration is happening this weekend. We were debating on throwing a kids party but it just didn’t feel right. Drew doesn’t really have any solid friendships at his age, aside from his few little buddies at daycare. He’s a social animal by nature but I didn’t want our own friends to feel obligated to bring their kids or have to buy gifts – they have enough expenses of their own I’m sure. We’ll probably do a big show-stopper of a birthday once he’s in school....the ideas are already brewing ! For now, he’ll be content with family and a few select folks.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, funny, crazy and loving little guy I know. You can be the very devil himself at times but, you bring your father and I immense joy, laughter and pride. But please little man...don’t grow up too fast okay?

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