08 August 2011

Harvest rejects

August is here and with it comes the explosion of the mighty garden warrior – the zucchini. While my own plants were an epic flop (due to hungry bunnies and overcrowding), many of my co-workers were desperate to offload their own yields. And so our social committee cleverly organized an event in celebration of “National Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbour’s Front Porch Day”.

To be perfectly honest, I thought my coworkers were growing a little more than zucchini (if you catch my drift), but I did a Google search and discovered that August 8th is indeed recognized as a holiday where people ‘donate’ their unwanted zucchini plants to friends and neighbours.

At work, people were challenged to use zucchini in a cooking/baking contest. Folks got quite creative and I was more than happy to help judge. We also had a contest to “guess the weight” of four mammoth zucchinis that were grown in my boss’ garden. The combined weight came in at 25 lbs.

Never one to pass up a good photo op, I offered to take one of the unwanted burdens back home. While the devil would probably be too seedy to eat, it makes a great conversation piece. In the end, I decided to keep up the spirit of giving and lovingly donated it to our unsuspecting friends across the street. They were out for the evening which offered the perfect opportunity to decorate the zucchini with a big green bow and plop it in a basket on their doorstep. They only got in around 11 PM last evening, so I’ll be curious to see if they figured out where the mystery donation came from. I’m even more curious, however, to see what form of revenge will likely be sitting on my own porch when I get home today.

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