18 August 2011

Hard night, better morning

You’d think I would have remembered something from my C-Section two years ago. That first 24 hours after surgery is always the worst. The pain and swelling got progressively worse throughout the day and I had a rough time sleeping last night. The incision site isn’t that sore itself, the issue has more to do with swelling inside which makes swallowing difficult. Every time I tried to take a sip of water after getting some food down, it felt like things were getting backed up in my esophagus. Every little sip would result in strange air bubbles and gurgling noises – a bit disconcerting. My breathing was also a bit shallower due to swelling. Nothing worth calling the hospital for but I did have to take things slower.

It feels like some of the swelling has gone down today and I managed to get breakfast down with a few less gurgles than yesterday. My voice is also a little bit stronger. I think I’m likely over the worst but I’ll still have to pace myself and try to keep still. I hope to get out and walk around the block a few times. It’s important that I start to move my neck more because things are getting very stiff. My whole back aches from holding my head differently.

For anyone else facing thyroid surgery, please know that the procedure itself is not all that bad. While I am experiencing pain, it could be far worse than it has been. It’s like having a very stiff and sore neck with a sore throat. I think the worry leading up to the surgery was far worse and, knowing what I do now, was not worth all the stress or tears. This will eventually be just a small blip in time- an inconvenience and the last resort to finally getting a diagnosis. Now lets cross those fingers, toes and all available appendages in hopes that this pesky nodule is benign.

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