22 August 2011

Day seven of captivity

Going on a full week post-op now and part of my incision still has a hard ridge of swelling. My mobility is almost good enough to start driving again, so I think I’m going to trying cruising around the block a few times tomorrow to see how it goes. I’m getting pretty bored sticking around home and am itching to do something productive. Despite the boredom, however, I ma heeding my doctor’s advice and not returning to work until next week.

Yesterday was the first day that I actually started to feel like my old self...stiff Franken-neck aside. My energy was great the whole day so I decided to head out with hubby to do the groceries and pick up some supplies at the hardware store for a Halloween project that I dreamed up. Yes folks, that time of year have arrived – haunting construction!

Desperately looking for something “fun” to do, I decided that I would get a head start on constructing some foam tombstones for our new and improved cemetery this year. You would think that cutting through foam with a hacksaw is relatively easy, it didn’t feel overly difficult, but after an hour of work my neck started swelling up. Darn it! Looks like I’m going to have to nurse it and work in small segments of time. It felt so good to get moving and lose myself in a project but my body obviously has other ideas.

I was hoping to return to the gym today but it seems that walking will be the order of the week. I feel the weight creeping on and my clothing is getting tighter. I’m probably at my heaviest weight ever and really want to get back into some sort of shape – circular doesn’t count.

Patience is a virtue, one that I was never blessed with. I always ask myself what I would do if I had to endure recovery from a “major” surgery. I’m afraid that I would make the crabbiest patient ever.

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