15 March 2011

Scary Soccer Mom

I love soccer. Since going on an exchange to Italy and getting to live in a soccer-mad nation during the World Cup finals, I have dreamed of having my own kid someday that could pursue the sport. No I do not have illusions of raising a pro athlete; I just think soccer is a wonderful and inexpensive introduction to team sports.

One of my key goals as a parent is to instil self confidence in my child, and I have always believed that team sports go hand in hand with this. I never want my child to be apprehensive in gym class or to know what it feels like to be the dreaded last pick on a team. Sadly, I was among that awkward pack when I was young and I regret it. What I later discovered, as an adult, is that I’m actually quite athletic. Because I never had the confidence to try out for any teams (aside from volleyball in grade six...where everybody made the cut), people likely perceived my reluctance as a lack of ability. I'm hoping that by introducing Drew to sports at a very early age, he’ll simply come to see it as a familiar and enjoyable part of his life.

Aside from the fitness and confidence aspect, I must also selfishly admit that I am looking forward to being a crazy soccer mom. Is it sad that I already have plans to kit him out in full-on soccer gear – Ireland jersey and all? My only stipulation about being a soccer mom – no van! I already drive a small SUV and I think that fits the bill nicely.

Poor Drew, he has no idea what he’s in for – years of embarrassment and yelling from the sidelines. Go on my son, make you Mother proud! Above all else though, just have fun!

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