26 December 2010

More fun with gum

Day two of Christmas festivities and the “gum bucket” is proving to be one of Drew’s favourite things. This morning, as I was sitting down to pay some bills (a horrible task at this time of year), Drew managed to grab the bucket of gum off of my desk. He remained occupied for all of five minutes until he impressively managed to pop the lid off the bucket, showering the room with 60 piece of chokable sugary goodness. Hubby and I pounced on him as he attempted to put the gum in his mouth, eyes bulging in excitement. I love it when days start off like this…

After washing and tidying away all the loot we acquired yesterday, we went off to enjoy our second family dinner with my in-laws. Once again, we were spoiled rotten. Andrew received a classic Radio Flyer wooden/metal sled that can transition into a wagon in the summer…complete with personalized license plate. I can’t wait to put Andrew in it for his first ride! Thankfully, Drew was a bit better tonight with opening gifts – no freak outs and he even managed to tear a corner of wrapping paper himself.

With a roast in my belly, not to mention a dozen or so candies and sweets, I am looking forward to starting a new exercise and detox regime tomorrow. It was a fantastic Christmas, if not a bit hedonistic, but I’m looking forward to relaxing now and giving both my stomach and liver a much-needed break.

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