18 September 2010

La famille ensemble

This evening was one for the family scrapbook! We attended a small family reunion of sorts in Gatineau where Andrew was fortunate enough to meet several third and fourth cousins, as well as two of his great-great-aunties (sisters of my maternal grandmother). Being that my own immediate family is so small, I treasure any opportunity to connect with relatives. It was fun to look at my son being passed around from person to person, thinking all the while that there is a little of piece of each person in him somewhere. Watching him with family feels amazing, like life comes full circle and I have played my role in continuing the line. It’s nice to know that long after we’re gone, there is piece of us that lives on in our children and, God willing, their own children. That is the wonderful thing about family, we owe a debt of gratitude and respect for those that came before us, otherwise we would not exist ourselves.

All seriousness aside, I also have to admit that I would never miss a family reunion based-solely on the fact that we eat very, very well at such events.
Nothing beats French-Canadian cuisine …all very low-fat, of course. I don’t think I’ve had baked beans since the since the last gathering about nine years ago. I am happy to report that Drew had a very successful indoctrination into some of the family recipes last evening; I’m not so happy to report, however, that his diaper change went as well this morning…

A toute ma famille, je t’aime tout simplement.

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