09 May 2010

My first Mother’s Day

It feels surreal to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day . I woke up to breakfast in bed and a lovely card from “the boys”. Hubby also tells me that Andrew made me something, however it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet…I’m guessing it’s a photo mug ; )

Our first stop of the day was to my mother-in-law’s grave. It was particularly difficult this year as it was the first time we have been to visit with Andrew. It feels so horrible knowing that she’ll never get to hold him or meet him; she was such a lovely woman and would have made an amazing grandmother. I never got to meet my maternal grandfather and I hated that I only came to know him through pictures or stories. I so wanted for my children to know all of their grandparents, what a shame. It is somewhat comforting, at least, to know that part of her lives on in him.

On the way home we dropped off to The Brick to purchase an entertainment unit for the new home. I really got to show off my “mothering skills” as we forgot to pack the umbrella stroller or a toy. The service was horrendously slow and, by this point, Drew was close to meltdown. I had to whip out the big guns and galloped around the store making “clip clop” noises. It’s amazing how you really don’t care what other people think, so long as your child is happy, healthy an entertained. Thankfully, I was rewarding with huge smiles and giggles…and a few odd glances from shoppers.

The remainder of my Mother’s Day was spent celebrating with my own Mom. Rather than cooking the usual family dinner, I wanted to spend some time relaxing together (AKA: neither of us having to cook or clean). We went to see the quintessential cheesy chick flick, “Letters to Juliet” and ended up at a pub for a Mother’s Day buffet afterwards. It was simple, relaxed and, in my opinion, the perfect end to my first Mother’s Day.

I look forward to future Mother’s Day when I’ll start received handmade cards and macaroni bedazzled necklaces or treasure boxes from Andrew. I laugh now thinking back to all the bizarre stuff I used to make for my own mother – things no human would ever want to wear but that she lovingly assured me were beautiful.

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