08 March 2010

When Irish Eyes are Crying

I’m fairly certain that my ancestors from the good ‘oul Emerald Isle are probably rolling over in their graves and crossing themselves. I have done what every Irish emigrant or indeed every Irish-born citizen bemoans on a yearly basis. Let me paint you a lovely picture…

Imagine a Leprechaun were to enter your home and vomit on your walls. Got it? Perfect! That is pretty much how my house looks right now - green everywhere, shamrocks covering every surface, tacky foil garlands, giant leprechauns and a flag. If we lived in a trailer park, I’m sure we would be the toast of the neighbourhood.

In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, hubby and I will be throwing our annual party; we certainly outdid ourselves with the décor this year. Normally our house is quite elegant and uncluttered but we suspend all sense of reason, or class for that matter, when holidays roll around. It has become somewhat of a joke with our friends - if the “O’Tomkas” are throwing a party, you are sure to be stepping into a theme house – all very tongue in cheek of course.

This is going to be hectic week for the lady of the house! On top of taking care of my increasingly curious wee hooligan, I still have to prepare two more batches of Guinness beef stew, traditional soda bread, cupcakes, cookies, mint bars and whatever else comes to mind. It’s going to be quite the spread and I’m thanking the good Lord that we inherited a deep freeze to store everything.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll make it out to the St. Paddy’s Parade on Saturday. It feels strange not to be participating in any of the cultural events this year as I completed my term with the Irish Society and did not want to enter elections for another two-year term. I need to focus on my family right now but I hope to get back into volunteer work in the future again. Sorry folks – no rambling redhead on your television sets and radio waves this year. It was a very busy gig but a fulfilling one that enabled me to help raise the society’s profile and garner some wonderful media relations experience. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss giving interviews at a moment’s notice. I think my brain was a lot sharper then than it is now.

Wish me luck folks. Only five days until party time and still loads to accomplish. Here’s hoping I don’t have one beer and crash at my own party. It feels a little bittersweet because this will be the last big event we host in our first home (sniff, sniff). Whatever will I do in the new place with more space to decorate?
Be afraid, be very afraid!

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