01 March 2010

Now what ???

First off, I’m a horrible excuse of a blogger. I beg your forgiveness for my extreme tardiness in posting but I had come down with a bad case of Olympic fever; life was temporarily on hold for the duration of the games. You probably think I’m exaggerating but the sad truth is I’m an absolute Olympic junkie and the condition was worsened by the fact that the games were taking place of home soil. Andrew was fed in front of the TV (gasp!), dinners were spent sitting on the living room floor cheering or cursing with our mouths half full, sleep was minimal, exercise almost nonexistent, and beer plentiful.

Now that Vancouver 2010 is over, I find myself wondering how I’ll survive the coming weeks with no sports to watch. It was hard not to get swept up in the reverie after Canada’s stellar performance and final standings. Who will ever forget François Bilodeau’s first Gold on Canadian soil, Joannie Rochette’s unbelievable strength and poise through family tragedy, Crosby’s winning score or Jon Montgomery’s victory beer walk? As for the closing ceremonies, while a bit hokey, I adored the massive beavers and floating moose – a veritable buffet of Canadiana kitsch.

Do you know what I loved the most about these Olympics? For two whole weeks, Canadians held their heads a little higher, cheered a little louder and showed that we are not simply some “eh-saying” backwoods nation.

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