04 February 2010

The joy of jumping

Once again, I’d like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the wonderful folks at Fisher Price for allowing me to get dinner on the table.

In my quest to entertain Andrew’s ever wandering curiosity, I finally tried him out in his jumperoo, or as I jokingly call it, “the Neglecteroo”. Picture a combination of a jolly jumper and a stationary walker with play tray. While his feet aren’t quite able to reach the floor to give him enough leverage for a good bounce, he is content to simply stare at the scenery, flail his limbs and guarantee me a good fifteen to twenty minutes to cobble some sort of meal together.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the jumperoo is the fact that it coaxed out his first official laugh. Luckily, hubby had the video camera poised and ready for the moment. If you ask me, the laughter sounds a little nervous at first (poor kid was probably way over stimulated). Check out the video HERE!

Now I just look forward to the day when Drew grows long enough to properly bounce himself. I made the mistake of grabbing his feet and bouncing him myself, much to his delight. The only problem is that now he expects me to be his jumping buddy and will actually pout at me until I go over and help him bounce. Yes… my boy has me like a trained monkey! Damn him for knowing just how to pull at the heartstrings.

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