12 January 2010


Once again it seems that I can’t keep up with the daily blog updates, or weekly for that matter. Despite the fact that I’m home all day, having the time to actually sit down and collect my thoughts is rare.

Life with Andrew has certainly becoming more interesting. He is turning into quite the curious and sociable little guy. There so much in this big world that he wants to see and he hates to miss a second of it. Sadly, he also thinks that life should be the 24/7 “Andrew Show”. He actually pouts and grumbles when we’re eating supper and not playing with him. Being his primary caregiver, I’m his absolute hero right now and he usually wants to be glued to my side; it’s lovely to be loved so much but it’s also quite exhausting!

January is shaping up to be a bit chaotic with activities going on almost every other day. It feels good to get out again and start taking Drew around with us. I have enrolled us in a Salsa Babies class starting next week and I’m anxious to start Zumba lessons with a girlfriend this weekend. Amidst the new exercise endeavours, hubby and I will also be having Drew baptized on January 24 and we have two appointments to finalize all the structural and design elements of our new home. Tack on a few birthday parties to the mix and you have quite the January lineup. I love being busy, it’s what I am accustomed to. We’re gradually sinking into the “new normal” and it feels great.

Tonight hubby and I are heading to church for a baptismal meeting with Andrew’s future Godparents – the fabulous M & L. Hubby has known M since the day he was born; they were best friends and neighbours up until roughly the age of twenty-one. M has been with his wife L for almost as long as hubby and I have been together and she has quickly become a very close friend and special person in our lives. We are thrilled that they have agreed to play this special role in our son’s life; he’s one lucky little man.

There is something very emotional about having Drew baptized; I guess it’s because it’s his first major sacrament and I feel like he’s growing up. We took him to his first mass this past Sunday for his presentation to the parish and our church. It felt surreal to hold him as I recited prayers and hymns learnt during my childhood, standing in the church where I received my own communion, confirmation and took my marriage vows. It’s amazing how life comes full circle. While I may not always be the most devout Catholic, it feels good to share this aspect of my life and my own upbringing with the next generation. I hope that faith is something that he will come to value in his own life, in whatever form it takes.

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