18 January 2010

Looking for a home?

Because ours is officially on the market!

As a matter of fact, our house hasn't even been on the market for 24 hours and we already have SEVEN viewings booked. The sale sign hasn't even been put up yet and our Open House is only scheduled for next weekend. Looks like the Ottawa resale market is still hot despite the coller weather.

I can fully understand why people say that, next to marraige, seeling a house is one of life's most stressful events. On top of having to take care of Drew with a nmiserable cold, this morning I had roughly three hours to tidy up the house, depersonalize the decor and hide away all the toys and bits and bobs lying around. I also had to pack up most of Drew's gear to head over to Mom and Dad's house, where we are currently living during weekdays to accomodate viewings and agents doing walkthroughs.

I feel like a complete vagabond at the moment. The bambino and I have been uprooted and it's strange knowing that complete strangers are walking through my home and probably snooping in my cupboards as I type out this post. It's hard to feel at home in your own house when you know that people are going to be walking through and critiquing it. For the next few days hubby and I are going to have to rid of all traces that we even live there - not so easy when you have a baby. For the time-being, home is just a place to sleep. Thankfully Andrew is still young enough that he doesn't really mind a change of scenery; he is currently napping away in his playpen and seems none too fussed, so long as I'm around.

Keep those fingers crossed folks. We're hoping for multiple offers and hopefully we won't even have to have an Open House next weekend.

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