28 January 2010

Goal setting

Staying at home with a baby all day, it’s easy to forget about your own goals or well-being. I was certainly more tuned in to my own needs when I was working and didn’t have another person depending on me.

A few years ago I took a workshop on setting and achieving goals. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate how the material could apply to my life outside the office; I simply just lived and did as I pleased from day-to-day. I have always written out my yearly goals at work to set priorities, meet deadlines and achieve milestones. Until now, I never realized that I could also do the same outside of the workplace.

Being the quintessential organizer, I tend to respond well to lists. If I’m planning a party, I make a list of action items. If I’m doing groceries, I make a list. If I’m packing for a vacation, I make a list. So why not make a bigger list? While I’m not quite ready to plan out a bucket list (things to do before I kick the proverbial bucket), I figured I’ll aim a bit smaller and try to make a list of things I want to accomplish before 2011. By writing them down for all to see, hopefully I’ll be a little more accountable. Here goes…

Goals for 2010 (in no particular order)

- Post daily on my blog

- Start writing a satirical book about motherhood (seriously!)

- Exercise out of the house at least 1 day/ week

- Treat myself to haircut and colour every 3 months

- Drink wine only once on weekends or for very special occasions

- Add more $$$ to savings account before move

- Write a will

- Open a savings account for Andrew, add $50 month

- Finalize his life insurance policy

- Start contributing to RRSPs

- Throw a final party in our current home

- Lose 10 lbs by my 29
th birthday in March

- Clean basement and purge the junk by end of April

- Purchase sofa, appliances and new TV

- Move to new house and have all boxes unpacked by end of May

- Throw hubby a 30
th birthday party in June

- Find a daycare provider for Andrew by October

- Get down to 130 lbs (minimum) by October

- Bring Andrew to playgroups twice each month after we move

- Get my drivers license!

- Stick to weekly meal plans

- Go on a date with hubby at least one time/ month

- Have more girl nights (every 2 months)

- Read a new book each month

- Run a 5K marathon in the Fall

- Throw a party for Andrew’s 1
st birthday

- Host Christmas dinner in the new house

I’m sure more items will pop up as the year progresses. I’ll be sure to check the list again in June, cross off some of my goals and amend others. Let’s see how well I do!

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