13 January 2010

Drew in motion

Our little man is growing up! Despite still having a very large and heavy melon, Drew managed to roll over for the second time today. The first roll happened at 10 weeks of age and we have been hoping to catch a repeat performance everyday for the past two weeks. Of course, he decided to hide his new skill any time we aimed the video camera at him. My patience and persistence was finally rewarded this morning and, thankfully, I was able to grab my camera just in time.

I have posted a video of on youtube – check it out!

Looks like I have a strong boy on my hands. Hubby found him with his little face smooshed up against the rails of his crib this morning, despite having been put to bed for the evening in a tight swaddle and in the middle of the crib. He must have wormed his way over to the side during the night. Gone are the days of simply being able to put him down somewhere, knowing that he’ll be in the same place and position when I turn my back. I’m not sure whether to cheer or cry.

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