01 January 2010

Andrew's 1st Christmas

Happy New Year! I’m not sure how 2010 could ever top 2009 but I’m sure we're in for an equally busy and memorable ride.

Sorry I have been remiss in posting updates over the holidays. Despite having hubby at home to help out with Drew, it has been a bit of a whirlwind around here to say the least. I am both proud and exhausted to report that we officially survived Andrew’s first major holiday. I am equally thrilled to report that he was an absolute angel, for the most-part, during multiple family dinners and outings.

Drew certainly adds an extra layer of complexity to preparing for the holidays but it was beyond amazing to finally share Christmas with my own child. All of a sudden the holidays are exciting again! I delighted in seeing what “Santa” delivered for our little guy rather than what was in my own stocking. I think Drew did very well for himself and managed quite the haul of loot for his first Christmas; I’m still, however, trying to figure out how on earth he managed to make it onto Santa’s “Good” list…

On behalf of my little family, I’d like to wish everyone a happy, health and prosperous new year. Thanks for following the blog and hope you’ll continue to follow our adventures in 2010.

Drew's reaction to his first gift from Santa...priceless

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