01 November 2009

Wine time!

Tonight I have decided to return to my long-anticipated treat – drinking wine!

One of the benefits of being on formula now is that I can actually enjoy a glass of the good stuff without having to worry about it leeching into my breast milk. While I hope Andrew can one day appreciate wine as much as his father and I do but I’m certainly not willing to give him his first taste just yet!

For roughly 10 months I have been staring at my wine rack and whimpering over an old bottle of Chianti. As luck would have it, hubby and I received a few very nice bottles only a few weeks before I got pregnant. To add insult to injury, my brother, not really thinking, purchased a $50 LCBO gift certificate for my birthday…sigh.

So tonight I will make my triumphant return to the world of vino, provided that Andrew lets me have some down time. I’m sure that one glass will have me feeling tipsy after my long hiatus; it will undoubtedly be the best darn glass of wine I have ever tasted!


Andrew was acting a little cranky during dinner so I did what any other desperate new Mom would do...multitask! Nothing litle a good snuggle and some wine at the same time.

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