05 November 2009

The things we do for our children…

Hubby lined up for 90 minutes this morning to get our bracelets for the H1N1 vaccine. It’s sad that he actually had to take time off work to get this accomplished but people have really given in to media fear mongering in Ottawa. Despite the fact that the clinics were “supposed” to only administer the first wave of vaccines to priority groups, they didn’t bother to turn away low-risk candidates. Once the word got out, everyone and their dog was waiting in line to receive their shot.

I am very leery about getting this shot as I tend to react poorly to certain vaccines and some previous flu shots. My only reason for biting the bullet is Andrew. Because he is so little and his immune system isn’t developed, hubs and I are doing this to protect him from coming into contact with the flu. Being that I am also under four weeks post-natal, I am also at increased risk; my body is still trying to heal from the cesarian and I’m running on little sleep.

Please cross your fingers for me. I hope my arm isn’t so sore and swollen that I won’t be able to pick up Drew tomorrow. I already find that the weight of him is starting to put more strain on my body; he’s turning into quite the chunky monkey and can’t seem to eat enough these days.

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