13 November 2009

The ladies man

Yesterday Drew had some very special visitors come over – two sweet little gals that are five and six months old. While I was hoping to present a polite little gentleman, sadly he was going through one of his afternoon cranky spells and spent the entire time in my arms with a pacifier. It was wonderful having some adult company during the day and being able to talk to other Moms who have already gone through the confusing newborn stage. I have a feeling I’m going to have to get out more to avoid going stir crazy. Sadly the lack of car in the winter makes getting around a little complicated but hopefully I’ll work something out. Once Drew is three months old and has adjusted to his first round of immunizations I want to start getting him a little more socialized.

I am certainly starting to notice a few trends in our daily activities, although I’m sure these can change on a dime. Right now, as I’m typing, Drew in sitting in swing waving his arms and crossing his eyes. He tends to have a very active period in the morning after he wakes from his nap, he also has regular hiccups during this time which makes it near impossible to settle him back to sleep. It’s only in the past few days that I realized that I should probably introduce playtime while he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed. Yesterday I tried him out on his playmat and he seemed to have a blast…at least I think that’s what the flailing arms and pumping legs mean. As a general rule of thumb, if he isn’t crying than I assume that he’s doing just fine. I don’t want to over-stimulate him at an early age, but I want to make sure that he discovers the world around him and has time to develop. This parenting thing is certainly a work in progress; like Drew, I’m learning and growing each week.

It’s hard to believe that Andrew will be a whole month old on Monday. In some ways I feel like he’s been here much longer as I can’t really remember what life was like before he arrived. The fact that I had two whole weeks off from work before he arrived probably makes the time seem longer. People keep telling me how quickly kids grow and I’m certain I’ll probably feel the same way when I’m heading back to work next year. As he becomes a little more ‘exciting’ I’m sure that time will speed up…go figure. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply select how long each stage of our child’s life would last? I think the key is trying to find the good in every stage, even on those days where you think you’ll go bonkers. All Drew has to do is smile at me and I’m a goner.

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