24 November 2009

Eau de bébé

You know the sad part about having Drew on soy formula…other than the poop issues? Not only does he smell, but I also go around with the distinct odor of veggie burger on me. I have pretty much given up on looking decent for the foreseeable future because Drew has gotten into the habit of ripping the burp cloth from my shoulder and conveniently spitting up down my cleavage. By the end of the day I’m a stinky, sticky mess!

Yesterday was an absolute nightmare. Andrew decided that it was going to be a grumpy day and was bound and determined to lower my spirits (because newborns are clearly smart enough to be conniving). Poor hubby returned home to two basket cases. Last evening was one of those nights that I just had to take a deep breath, walk away and let Dan get things under control.

I am still undecided as to whether the soy is making a difference on Drew’s demeanor or not. He was beyond fantastic on Sunday and slept most of the day and evening too but yesterday was pure hell…one of his very worst. Today I have a sleepy boy again that has been very easy to settle. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed this much “me” time since before he was born.

This flip flop in attitude makes the formula decision a bit tricky. I’m running out and only have enough soy formula for one more day. I don’t’ want to buy another expensive can if it doesn’t make a difference. I could start him on a hypoallergenic formula that got from my pediatrician to see if things become consistently better. I’m reluctant to switch again and risk hurting his little tummy. Right now I still have to give Drew sugar water to help soften his stools. Maybe the hypoallergenic stuff will make him a little more “regular”. It’s all about trial and error right now. Perhaps he is simply one of those little guys that really misses the womb and hasn’t adjusted well to the world; maybe it’s more psychological than physical. It’s a shame that there aren’t instruction manuals for babies.

For now, I’ll continue to play the guessing game in my quest to “fix” my little guy. Either way, I know that I’ll be wearing some rank form of “Eau de bébé” no matter what he eats.

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