02 November 2009

Baptism by fire

Dan is back to work today and I have to admit that I was feeling slightly nervous this morning. While I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to stay home for a year with Andrew, the newborn phase isn’t exactly my forte. I find it difficult not always knowing what he wants or rather the fact that he seems to view me as his eternal dance partner. I’ve gotten into the habit of putting on Bob Marley and dancing around the nursery with him which he seems to enjoy – the only problem, now he wants to dance with Mommy all the time! I suppose I should enjoy it while it lasts because one day he won’t want to dance with me anymore and the thought actually breaks my heart.

My first day at home alone has not been without its difficulties. Of course, Andrew decided to play “psycho baby” while Dad is away and has been fussing, crying and demanding more food on an hourly basis. I don’t want to overfeed, so I’m trying every trick in the book to get him to settle and hold out until the two-hour mark. The sheet for Ottawa Public Health suggests feeding formula every 3-4 hours but Andrew is having none of that today; I’m starting to think he’s going through an early growth spurt but I was under the impression that was supposed to happen at three weeks of age, not two. My little piggy is already eating about eight to ten 3 oz feedings in a 24 hour period…got to go now, he is crying...again!


And here I am about six hours later completing my post; this should give you some indication of just how challenging Drew has been today. M little angel tuned into the bloody devil! I have never been so happy to see Dan home from work. I survived but it certainly was a lesson in patience. I’ve got to just keep lovin' on the little guy and I hope that this uber bad mood is just a passing phase or growth spurt and not the onset of colic.

P.S. The above picture is of happier happier days (AKA yesterday) when Andrew went for his first spin in the stroller. Sadly, I look far less serene today!

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