03 October 2009

Lady of leisure – Ha!

It’s official; I’m off work now for the next 54 weeks.

I had a very hard time saying farewell to folks at the office yesterday. I kept it together and was all smiles until I climbed into the car next to hubby - than the floodgates opened and I had a good 5-minute panic of “Oh my God, is this really happening?!?”

It’s strange how much work really becomes part of your life. I suppose some folks would be thrilled to have so much time off, but I already feel like a fish out of water. I know I’ll probably go batty on Monday when hubby heads out the door without me. While I’m grateful to get a year off with baby, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China, I think it will be quite the transition for this “on-the-go” gal.

So now what? The plan is to keep myself as occupied as possible until my due date – lots of nesting, organizing, walking and an epic marathon of freezable meal preparation. I have drafted myself quite the impressive “To-Do” list and I’m hoping that will keep me sane for a little while. I am, however, making a pact with hubby that I will allow myself at least two solid hours of relaxation each day, with my poor little swollen feet up on the sofa. I know it sounds pathetic, and people keep telling me to embrace the “calm before the storm,” but I have a seriously hard time sitting idle. I’m very much akin to a Jack Russell Terrier on speed – even at 37.5 weeks pregnant!

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