31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

It’s a cold and gloomy Halloween but we’re getting right into the spirit in our household.

This morning the lovely Sheri came over to take some newborn photos of Andrew in all his scrunchy newborn glory. I was anticipating an absolute meltdown from our little man, especially because I woke him from a nice slumber, but he was an absolute ham for the camera for the most-part. I was especially impressed that we managed to get him into a pumpkin that I hollowed out.

I’m hoping that this morning’s activity will be enough to make the little fella sleep for a few hours this afternoon. We’re in for a busy night with trick-or-treaters. While we’re not doing our usual huge display on the lawn, we still have a fair bit of decorations up. No matter how busy life gets I vow to keep Halloween going. While we’re a little too tired to throw or attend any parties this year, I’ll be handing out candy to all the little sweeties that come to our door. Kids have to grow up so fast these days; there's nothing quite like giving them a happy memory. I can’t wait until Andrew is old enough to really get into the spirit. For now though, I’d say he’s been an absolute trooper!

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