06 October 2009

Day two...

So far I am surviving captivity, although I must admit that it’s a little boring being alone. I find myself absent-mindedly rubbing my belly and having some pretty in-depth conversations with “Bean”. It will be nice to have him out, then I can talk as much as I like without looking like a crazy lady.

I still don’t have anything exciting to report with zero signs of impending labour. Either this little fells is going to (a) take me by complete surprise or (b) hold onto my uterus for dear life until he is forced out. Something tells me baby is stubborn like his Momma.

Today was fairly productive. I organized about three year’s worth of typed out recipes into a binder and was finally able to get rid of the myriad of cooking magazines that were cluttering my office shelves – a HUGE accomplishment! I rewarded my efforts by kicking back and watching one of several movies that I rented last night – Easy Virtue (Colin Firth & Jessica Biel). It was “okay” but nothing I’d recommend rushing out to find.

Hubs and I are keeping things lazy tonight. We’re treating ourselves to shawarma (I know, I know…I caved) and then we’ll probably go for another long walk, followed by movie night. We rented “Monsters vs. Aliens.” We’re almost parents now, so we figured it was cool to brush up on all the popular animated movies these days; truth be told, I think they are just as geared towards adults nowadays – I especially love anything done by Pixar.

In closing, I’m leaving you with some “teaser” photos from my maternity shoot at 36 weeks and change. I can’t believe how rotund I look, but I’m still very happy that I decided to quit my complaining and capture this special moment in life. A special thanks and shout out goes to the fabulous Sheri Slater, who managed to somehow make this Momma-To-Be look serene. I can’t wait to get the full CD of shots

All hail Buddah!

This really is beautiful!

Bean in the belly!

Happy Momma

Just keeps on growing!

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TheCakeLady said...

I think the fact that you rub your belly and talk to him is sweet! I would laugh if he came out and started talking right away due to so many conversations. "HEY - put me back in there. I was warm!"