23 September 2009

Three years ago...

Three years ago I woke up in my parent’s home, overjoyed to finally be marrying my long-time sweetie. I can still recall feeling very relaxed as I put on my dress and prepared to march up the aisle to say my vows; it was truly the happiest and calmest I have ever felt . I had no fears or reservations because I was sure and confident that our marriage would be a happy one; three years later that same spark is still there and, if anything, our relationship has grown even closer.

This anniversary seems all the more poignant because we’re now about to embark on the next big adventure of our lives – parenthood. I’m glad we took the time we needed to grow as a married couple, travel and generally just have fun, but now it’s time to throw something new into the mix. Our relationship, once again, will never be the same; it will morph and change over the years. Just like my wedding day, I feel the same sense of elation with no fear. I think things will just keep getting better.

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