27 September 2009

Packing my bags

Its a rainy Sunday afternoon, the house is clean, the groceries are put away and hubby is out with my brother picking up the glider for our nursery. I decided to take advantage of the uncharacteristic calm by finally getting down to the task of packing my labour and delivery bag for the hospital. I have been delaying this particular preparation for fear that I would jinx myself and “Bean” would make an early appearance. With just three days away from term, I think I’m safe to start getting ready. I could still go another three or four weeks (good Lord I hope not) but I think hubby would feel better knowing that should my water break, all he has to do is throw a few bags in the trunk, bundle me in the car and race off to the hospital.

Things are feeling very real now! I was at a wedding last evening and quickly realized that the next time I see all my friends together, I will undoubtedly have a little one in my arms. It was a bit of a sobering experience as most of them have children already and were beyond thrilled to have a night away from the kids to enjoy a few drinks and dancing. It made me realize that hubby and I will soon have to say goodbye to our “footloose and fancy free” days. While I’m excited to get my body back and finally meet baby, I’m feeling just a touch apprehensive about the giant impending change to our lifestyle.

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