24 September 2009

Home stretch

Only 27 days left until Bean’s due date arrives! It’s hard to believe that I’ve finally hit the home stretch.

Yesterday I had my thirty-six week appointment with the OBGYN. As a special anniversary gift, I had my Step-B swab ... I had to laugh because the test was administered by a 3rd year resident who asked me (right before he got down to business) if we had met before because I looked familiar. How’s that for funny? I guess all us pregnant ladies…ummm…start to look the same after a while.

Once again it seems as though things are going swimmingly. I’m starting to think that I have a long boy inside this belly because I can always feel him up in my ribs, yet the doctor tells me he is sitting head down and quite low. To be honest, I was a little surprised to hear this because I haven’t been experiencing any pelvic pain or pressure. I’m starting to think that my daily squats and exercise throughout pregnancy have really helped in alleviating some of the common pains and complaints. I must have really strong pelvic muscles and hopefully that will go a long way in helping me during labour. While I may be the size of small house, and I’m certainly starting to slow down these days, I’m proud of myself for keeping up some form of exercise… even on days where I rather sit around in my undies eating chocolate and despairing over my shape.

Tonight hubby and I are on to the next order of business in preparing for baby – life insurance. While I have SDB (supplementary death benefit) through work, this would only provide hubby with one lump sum payment of double my current salary. To my knowledge, after the age of 65, this payout would decrease by 10%/ year. While it’s somber to think about death at this age, it’s a necessary evil that should be taken care of in the unfortunate event that something may happen to me. Now that we’re having a child, having increased coverage seems all the more necessary. While it’s not a meeting / discussion I’m looking forward to, I’ll be glad to have some sort of plan in place. Hubs and I also have the added benefit of being quite young, so payments really should be all that expensive. I guess the next order of business will be writing a will…yuck!

Suddenly, I’m starting to feel quite a bit older.

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