10 August 2009

Home Sweet NEW Home

My head is spinning right now. Hubby and I woke up on Sunday morning thinking that we’d still be in our tiny little semi for another 18 months; twenty-four hours later we have a lot reserved for a new single family home. When things happen, they happen fast it seems.

The idea to look at model homes came out of both curiosity and boredom on Sunday afternoon. We knew that we wanted to move by early 2011 as the baby will be more mobile then and our home will be overrun with “stuff” everywhere. As it is, our tiny space is starting to feel suffocating with only two people. We swore we would try resale this time but were curious to see what our budget could get us in a new home. Low and behold, we fell in love with the first model we walked into. We got that same instinctive gut feeling that we did when we purchased our current home. After weighing the pros and cons and sleeping on it (or rather ‘trying’ to sleep because I was so anxious), we revisited the house today to see if it had the same effect on us – whammy, we loved it even more.

After reserving our lot we now play the stressful financial game of working out a mortgage and trying to sell this place by next April / May. It’s a lot to digest while thirty weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if we’ve completely lost our marbles. There are many advantages to buying now when the market is decent and we can lock in at a low interest rate, not to mention not having to pay the damn harmonized sales tax that comes into effect on new homes in July 2010. Being on maternity leave while moving might also prove to be handy, the baby will be too young to care and I’ll be exhausted anyways. I can also be home during the day to supervise the comings and goings of workers, etc.

This is all very exciting and terrifying. I hope we’re not getting in over our heads but I remember having these same doubts and fears when we first moved. I’m always anxious when it comes to financials but somehow we’ve made it work over the past three years on top of doing a fair bit of traveling. Now we’re focused on our “forever home,” the place where our children will grow up and we’ll grow old…scary thought. While I’ll miss my first little home and probably bawl my eyes out when I leave; I’m looking forward to starting over and giving our family the space that it will need.

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HamiHarri said...

Awww - congrats! So exciting!