13 August 2009

Fetus 1 vs. Mommy 0

Today Bean has been rolling around a good deal. For about two solid minutes, I watched in horror as my belly sloshed from one side to the other. It isn’t painful but it certainly makes me pause at times. Out of pure curiosity (certainly not revenge…ahem…) I sometimes fight back by jiggling my belly in response to see if it will elicit further reaction from him. A sick little part of me thinks, “So there! See if you like that!” Usually my plan backfires as he inevitably gains the upper hand (leg or fist), by mashing my insides even more. He has an unfair and distinct advantage of being on the inside, within striking distance of a plethora of internal organs….so NOT fair! Please tell me I’m not the only one that play fights with her fetus? Is it also mean to laugh at him when he gets the hiccups? Sometimes I wonder if I’m truly mature enough to raise a child...

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